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* Student/post-doc papers



Andrew Buchan, Amy Bonsor, Laura Rogers, Marc Brouwers, Oliver Shorttle, and Pier-Emmaneul Tremblay. White dwarf constraints on geological processes at the population level. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (2024) [arXiv, Publisher]

Caroline Soderman, Simon Matthews, Oliver Shorttle, Matthew Jackson, James Day, Vadim Kamenetsky, and Helen Williams. Global oceanic basalt sources and processes viewed through combined Fe and Mg stable isotopes. Earth and Planetary Science Letters (2024) [Publisher]

Lewis Alcott, Craig Walton, Noah Planavksy, Oliver Shorttle and Benjamin Mills. Crustal carbonate build up as an explanation for Earth’s oxygenation. Nature Geosciences (2024) [Publisher]

Paul Rimmer and Oliver Shorttle. A surface hydrothermal source of nitriles and isonitriles. Life (2024) [arXiv, Publisher]

* Jonathan Itcovitz, Auriol Rae, Thomas Davison, Gareth Collins and Oliver Shorttle. The distribution of impactor core material during large impacts on Earth-like planets. Planetary Science Journal (2024) [arXiv, Publisher]

Claire Marie Guimond, Haiyang Wang, Fabian Seidler, Paolo Sossi, Aprajit Mahajan and Oliver Shorttle. From Stars to Diverse Mantles, Melts, Crusts, and Atmospheres of Rocky Exoplanets. Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry [arXiv, Publisher]

Craig R. Walton, Jessica K. Rigley, Alexander Lipp, Robert Law, Martin D. Suttle, Maria Schönbächler, Mark Wyatt & Oliver Shorttle. Cosmic dust fertilization of glacial prebiotic chemistry on early Earth. Nature Astronomy (2024) [arXiv, Publisher]

Craig Walton and Oliver Shorttle. Phanerozoic biological reworking of the continental carbonate rock reservoir. Earth and Planetary Science Letters (2024) [arXiv, Publisher]

Oliver Shorttle, Sean Jordan, Harrison Nicholls, Tim Lichtenberg and Dan Bower. Distinguishing oceans of water from magma on mini-Neptune K2-18b. The Astrophysical Journal Letters (2024). [arXiv, Publisher]

Luke Keyte, Mihkel Kama, Ko-Ju Chuang, Ilsedore Cleeves, Maria Drozdovskaya, Kenji Furuya, Jonathan Rawlings, and Oliver Shorttle. Spatially resolving the volatile sulfur abundance in the HD 100546 protoplanetary disk. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (2024) [arXiv, Publisher]

* Yuqi Li, Amy Bonsor, Oliver Shorttle. Post-main sequence thermal evolution of planetesimals. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (2024) [Publisher]

* Xander Byrne, Oliver Shorttle, Sean Jordan, Paul Rimmer. Atmospheres as a window to rocky exoplanet surfaces. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (2024) [arXiv, Publisher]


Yishen Zhang, Olivier Namur, Weiran Li, Oliver Shorttle, Esteban Gazel, Eleanor Jennings, Peter Thy, Timothy L Grove, Bernard Charlier. An extended calibration of the olivine–spinel aluminum exchange thermometer: Application to the melting conditions and mantle lithologies of large igneous provinces. Journal of Petrology (2023) [Publisher]

* Clayton Roberts, Rutger Ljzermans, David Randell, Matthew Jones, Philip Jonathan, Kaisey Mandel, Bill Hirst, Oliver Shorttle. Avoiding methane emission rate underestimates when using the divergence method. Environmental Research Letters (2023) [Publisher, arXiv]

* Claire Marie Guimond Oliver Shorttle, Sean Jordan, John F Rudge. A mineralogical reason why all exoplanets cannot be equally oxidising. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (2023) [Publisher, arXiv]

* Craig Walton, Heejin Jeon, Ana Cernok, Auriol Rae, Ioannis Baziotis, Fengzai Tang, Venkata Kuppili, Ludovic Ferriere, James Darling, Sen Hu, Martin Whitehouse, Mahesh Anand, and Oliver Shorttle. In-situ phosphate U-Pb ages of the L chondrites. Geochimica et Cosmochimca Acta (2023) [Publisher]

Alastair Claringboold, Paul Rimmer, Sarah Rugheimer and Oliver Shorttle. Prebiosignature molecules can be detected in temperate exoplanet atmospheres with JWST. The Astronomical Journal (2023) [Publisher, arXiv]

Shang-Min Tsai…, (*)Sean Jordan…, Oliver Shorttle et al.. Photochemically produced SO2 in the atmosphere of WASP-39b. Nature [Publisher, arXiv]

* Madelyn Broome, Oliver Shorttle, Mihkel Kama, Richard Booth. Iceline variation driven by protoplanetary disc gaps. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (2023) [Publisher, arXiv]

* Craig R. Walton , Jihua Hao , Fang Huang , Frances E. Jenner , Helen Williams, Aubrey L. Zerkle , Alex Lipp , Robert M. Hazen , Shanan E. Peters , Oliver Shorttle. Lithochemical evolution of the crustal phosphorus reservoir. Science Advances (2023) [Publisher]

B. S. Konrad, E. Alei, S. P. Quanz, P. Mollière, D. Angerhausen, J. J. Fortney, K. Hakim, S. Jordan, D. Kitzmann, S. Rugheimer, O. Shorttle, R. Wordsworth, the LIFE Collaboration. Large Interferometer For Exoplanets (LIFE). X. Assessing the impact of clouds on atmospheric retrievals at mid-infrared wavelengths with a Venus-twin exoplanet. Astronomy & Astrophysics (2023) [Publisher, arXiv]

Luke Keyte, Mihkel Kama, Alice S. Booth, Edwin A. Bergin, L. Ilsedore Cleeves, Ewine F. van Dishoeck, Maria N. Drozdovskaya, Kenji Furuya, Jonathan Rawlings, Oliver Shorttle, Catherine Walsh. Azimuthal C/O Variations in a Planet-Forming Disk. Nature Astronomy (2023) [Publisher, arXiv]

* Carolyn Soderman, Oliver Shorttle, Esteban Gazel, Denis Geist, Simon Matthews, Helen Williams. The evolution of lithology in the Galapagos mantle plume. Science Advances (2023) [Publisher]

* Philippa Liggins, Sean Jordan, Paul Rimmer, and Oliver Shorttle. Growth and evolution of secondary volcanic atmospheres: II. The importance of kinetics. JGR: Planets (2023) [Publisher, arXiv]

Sebastiaan Krijt, Mihkel Kama, Melissa McClure, Johanna Teske, Edwin A. Bergin, Oliver Shorttle, Kevin J. Walsh, Sean N. Raymond. Chemical Habitability: Supply and Retention of Life’s Essential Elements During Planet Formation. PPVII [arXiv]

* Claire Guimond, Oliver Shorttle, and John Rudge. Mantle mineralogy limits to rocky planet water inventories. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (2023) [Publisher, arXiv]


* Craig Walton, Paul Rimmer, Helen Williams and Oliver Shorttle. Can prebiotic systems survive in the wild? An interference chemistry approach. Frontiers in Earth Sciences (2022) [Publisher, ChemRxiv]

* Richard Hobbs, Oliver Shorttle and Nikku Madhusudhan. Molecular tracers of planet formation in the atmospheres of hot Jupiters. MNRAS (2022) [Publisher, arXiv]

Homa Saeidfirozeh, Ashwin Kumar Myakalwar, Petr Kubelíka, Amirhossein Ghaderi, Vojta Laitla, Lukáš Petera, Paul B. Rimmer , Oliver Shorttle, Alan N. Heays, Anna Křivková, Miroslav Kr ̇us, Svatopluk Civiš, Jorge Yáñez, Erik Képeš, Pavel Pořízkal, and Martin Ferusa. ANN-LIBS Analysis of Mixture Plasmas: Detection of Xenon. Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry (2022) [Publisher]

* Philippa Liggins, Sean Jordan, Paul Rimmer and Oliver Shorttle. Growth and evolution of secondary volcanic atmospheres: I. Identifying the geological character of warm rocky planets. JGR: Planets (2022) [Publisher, arXiv]

Stanley Tze Hou Yip, Juliet Biggs, Marie Edmonds, Philippa Liggins, and Oliver Shorttle. Contrasting volcanic deformation in arc and ocean island settings due to exsolution of magmatic water. Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems (2022) [Publisher]

Alfie Curry, Amy Bonsor, Tim Lichtenberg, and Oliver Shorttle. Prevalence of short-lived radioactive isotopes across exoplanetary systems inferred from polluted white dwarfs. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (2022) [Publisher, arXiv]

* Sean Jordan, Oliver Shorttle, and Paul Rimmer. Proposed energy-metabolisms cannot explain the atmospheric chemistry of Venus. Nature Communications (2022) [Publisher, arXiv]

* Clayton Roberts, Oliver Shorttle, Kaisey Mandel, Matthew Jones, Rutger Ljzermans, Bill Hirst and Philip Jonathan. Enhanced monitoring of atmospheric methane from space with hierarchical Bayesian inference. Environmental Research Letters (2022) [Publisher, arXiv]

* Jonathan Itcovitz, Auriol Rae, Robert Citron, Sarah Stewart, Catriona Sinclair, Paul Rimmer and Oliver Shorttle. Reduced atmospheres of post-impact worlds: The early Earth. Planetary Science Journal (2022) [Publisher, arXiv]

* Claire Guimond, John Rudge and Oliver Shorttle. Blue marble, stagnant lid: Could dynamic topography avert a water world? Planetary Science Journal (2022) [Publisher, arXiv]

William Bains, Oliver Shorttle, Sukrit Ranjan, Paul B. Rimmer, Janusz J. Petkowski, Jane S. Greaves and Sara Seager. Only extraordinary volcanism can explain the presence of p.p.b. phosphine on Venus, PNAS (2022) [Publisher]

William Bains, Oliver Shorttle, Sukrit Ranjan, Paul B. Rimmer, Janusz J. Petkowski, Jane S. Greaves and Sara Seager. Constraints on the production of phosphine by Venusian volcanoes, Universe (2022) [Publisher, arXiv]

* Craig Walton, Oliver Shorttle, Sen Hu, Ji Jianlong, Ana Cernok, Helen Williams, Yu Liu, Guoqiang Tang, Qiuli Li, and Mahesh Anand. Ancient and recent collisions revealed by phosphate minerals in the Chelyabinsk meteorite. Nature Communications Earth and Environment (2022) [Publisher, arXiv]

* Carrie Soderman, Simon Matthews, Oliver Shorttle and Helen Williams. Global trends in novel stable isotopes in basalts: theory and observations. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta (2022) [Publisher, EarthArXiv]
Download: Updated model results table

* Andrew Buchan, Amy Bonsor, Oliver Shorttle, Jon Wade, John Harrison, Lena Noack and Detlev Koester. Planets or asteroids? A geochemical method to constrain the masses of white dwarf pollutants. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (2022) [Publisher, arXiv]


* Craig Walton and Oliver Shorttle. Scum of the Earth: could life have emerged from near-surface 
multi-compartmentalised environments?
Life (2021) [Publisher, EarthArXiv]

* Craig Walton, Oliver Shorttle, Frances Jenner, Helen Williams, Joshua Golden, Shaunna Morrison, Robert Downs, Aubrey Zerkle, Robert Hazen, and Matthew Pasek. Phosphorus mineral evolution and prebiotic chemistry: from minerals to microbes. Earth Science Reviews (2021) [Publisher, EarthArXiv]

Oliver Shorttle, Natalie Hinkel, and Cayman Unterborn. Why Geosciences and Exoplanetary Sciences Need Each Other. Elements (2021) [Publisher, arXiv]

* Sean Jordan, Paul Rimmer, Oliver Shorttle and Tereza Constantinou. Photochemistry of Venus-Like Planets orbiting K- and M-Dwarf Stars. The Astrophysical Journal (2021) [Publisher, arXiv]

Shanan E. Peters, Craig R. Walton, Jon M. Husson, Daven P. Quinn, Oliver Shorttle, C. Brenhin Keller, Robert R. Gaines. Igneous rock area and age in continental crust. Geology (2021) [Publisher]

* Richard Hobbs, Paul Rimmer, Oliver Shorttle and Nikku Madhusudhan. Sulfur Chemistry in the Atmospheres of Warm and Hot Jupiters. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (2021) [Publisher, arXiv]

The SGP Team. The Sedimentary Geochemistry and Paleoenvironments Project. Geobiology (2021) [Publisher]

Paul Rimmer, Sean Jordan, Tereza Constantinou, Peter Woitke, Oliver Shorttle, Richard Hobbs, and Alessia Paschodimas. Hydroxide Salts in the Clouds of Venus: Their Effect on the Sulfur Cycle and Cloud Droplet pH. The Planetary Science Journal (2021) [arXiv, Publisher]

Ravit Helled, Stephanie Werner, Caroline Dorn, Tristan Guillot, Masahiro Ikoma, Yuichi Ito, Mihkel Kama, Tim Lichtenberg, Yamila Miguel, Oliver Shorttle, Paul J. Tackley, Diana Valencia, Allona Vazan. Ariel planetary interiors white paper. Experimental Astronomy (2021) [Arxiv, Publisher]

Helen Williams, Simon Matthews, Hanika Rizo and Oliver Shorttle. Iron isotopes traces primordial magma ocean cumulates melting in Earth’s upper mantle. Science Advances (2021) [publisher]

Euan Mutch, John Maclennan, Oliver Shorttle, John Rudge and David Neave. DFENS: Diffusion chronometry using Finite Elements and Nested Sampling. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems (2021) [ESSOAr, publisher]

* Craig R Walton, Ioannis Baziotis, Ana Cernok, Oliver Shorttle, Paul D Asimow, Ludovic Ferriere and Mahesh Anand. Formation and deformation of Phosphorous-Olivine-Assemblages in the Chelyabinsk chondrite. Meteoritics and Planetary Science (2021) [arxiv, publisher]

Amy Bonsor, Paul Jofré, Oliver Shorttle, Laura K Rogers, Siyi Xu, and Carl Melis. Host-star and exoplanet compositions: a pilot study using a wide binary with a polluted white dwarf. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (2021). [arXiv, publisher]

* Simon Matthews, Kevin Wong, Oliver Shorttle, Marie Edmonds and John Maclennan. Do olivine crystallisation temperatures faithfully record mantle temperature variability? Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems (2021). [EarthArXiv, publisher]

* Alex Lipp, Oliver Shorttle, Erik Sperling & the SGP consortium. The composition and weathering of the continents over geologic time. Geochemical Perspective Letters (2021). [EarthArXiv, publisher]

* John Harrison, Oliver Shorttle, Amy Bonsor. Evidence for post-nebula volatilisation in an exo-planetary body. Earth and Planetary Science Letters (2021). [arXiv, publisher]

Margaret Hartley, Cees-Jan de Hoog, Oliver Shorttle. Boron isotopic signatures of melt inclusions from North Iceland reveal recycled material in the Icelandic mantle source. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acata (2021). [EarthArxiv, publisher]

* Carrie Soderman, Simon Matthews, Oliver Shorttle, Matthew G. Jackson, Saskia Ruttor, Oliver Nebel, Simon Turner, Christoph Beier, Marc-Alban Millet, Elisabeth Widom, Munir Humayun, Helen M.Williams. Heavy ∂57Fe in ocean island basalts: A non-unique signature of processes and source lithologies in the mantle. Geochimca et Cosmochimica Acta (2021) [publisher].

* Simon Matthews, Oliver Shorttle, John Maclennan, and John F. Rudge. The global melt inclusion C/Ba array: mantle variability, melting process, or degassing? Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta (2021). [publisher, EarthArXiv]


Ariel definition study report, Ariel Science Consortium. [online]

* Philippa Liggins, Oliver Shorttle and Paul B Rimmer. Can volcanism build hydrogen-rich early atmospheres? Earth and Planetary Science Letters (2020). [publisher, arxiv]

Oliver Shorttle, Simon Matthews and John Maclennan. Finding harzburgite in the mantle. A comment on Brown et al. (2020): “Markov chain Monte Carlo inversion of mantle temperature and source composition, with application to Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland” [Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 532 (2020) 116007]. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. (2020) [publisher].

* Alex Lipp, Oliver Shorttle, Frank Syvret, and Gareth Roberts. Major-element Composition of Sediments in Terms of Weathering and Provenance: Implications for Crustal Recycling. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems. (2020) [publisher, EarthArXiv].

Edward Stolper, Oliver Shorttle, Paula Antoshechkina, Paul Asimow. The effects of solid-solid phase equilibria on the oxygen fugacity of the upper mantle. American Mineralogist. (2020) [publisher]

* Davide Novella, John Maclennan, Oliver Shorttle, Julie Prytulak, Bramley J Murton. A multi-proxy investigation of mantle oxygen fugacity along the Reykjanes Ridge. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. (2020). [publisher]


Mihkel Kama, Oliver Shorttle, Adam K. Jermyn, Colin P. Folsom, Kenji Furuya, Edwin A. Bergin, Catherine Walsh, Lindsay Keller. Abundant refractory sulfur in protoplanetary disks. Astrophysical Journal. (2019). [arxiv, publisher]

* William Miller, John Maclennan, Oliver Shorttle,  Glenn Gaetani, Véronique Le Roux & Frieder Klein. Estimating the carbon content of the deep mantle with Icelandic melt inclusionsEarth and Planetary Science Letters. (2019). [publisher]

Euan Mutch, John Maclennan, Oliver Shorttle, Marie Edmonds & John F Rudge. Rapid transcrustal magma movement under IcelandNature Geosciences. (2019). [publisher]

David Neave, Olivier Namur, Oliver Shorttle & François Holtz. Magmatic evolution biases basaltic records of mantle chemistry towards melts from recycled sourcesEarth and Planetary Science Letters. (2019). [publisher]

* Richard Hobbs, Oliver Shorttle, Niku Madhusudhan & Paul Rimmer. A chemical kinetics code for modelling exoplanetary atmospheresMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. (2019). [publisher]

Paul Rimmer, Oliver Shorttle, & Sarah Rugheimer. Oxidised micrometeorites as evidence for low atmospheric pressure on the early EarthGeochemical Perspective Letters. (2019). [publisher]

Paul Rimmer & Oliver Shorttle. Origin of Life’s Building Blocks in Carbon-and Nitrogen-Rich Surface Hydrothermal VentsLife. (2019). [publisher]


Tong Bo, Richard F Katz, Oliver Shorttle and John Rudge. The melting column as a filter of mantle trace‐element heterogeneityGeochemistry Geophysics Geosystems (2018). [publisher]

Quentin Kral, Mark C Wyatt, Amaury H M J Triaud, Sebastian Marino, Philippe Thebault and Oliver Shorttle. Cometary impactors on the TRAPPIST-1 planets can destroy all planetary atmospheres and rebuild secondary atmospheres on planets f, g, and hMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (2018). [publisher]

David A Neave, Oliver Shorttle, Martin Oeser, Stefan Weyer and Katsura Kobayashi. Mantle-derived trace element variability in olivines and their melt inclusionsEarth and Planetary Science Letters (2018). [publisher]


* Simon Matthews, Oliver Shorttle, John F Rudge, John Maclennan. Constraining mantle carbon: CO2-trace element systematics in basalts and the roles of magma mixing and degassing. Earth and Planetary Science Letters (2017). [publisher]

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Oliver Shorttle. Hot mantle risingNature Geoscience (2017). [ publisher]

Cin-Ty A. Lee, Jeremy Caves, Hehe Jiang, Wenrong Cao, Adrian Lenardic, N.
Ryan McKenzie, Oliver Shorttle, Qing-zhu Yin & Blake Dyer. Deep mantle roots and continental emergence: implications for whole-Earth elemental cycling, long-term climate, and the Cambrian explosionInternational Geology Review (2017). [publisher]


Eleanor S. Jennings, Tim J.B. Holland, Oliver Shorttle, John Maclennan, and Sally Gibson. The composition of Melts from a heterogeneous mantle and the origin of ferropicrite: Application of a thermodynamic modelJournal of Petrology (2016): 1-22 [publisher]

Oliver Shorttle, John Rudge, John Maclennan, and Ken Rubin. A statistical description of concurrent mixing and crystallisation during MORB differentiation: implications for trace element enrichmentJournal of Petrology (2016)1-33. [publisher]

* Simon Matthews, Oliver Shorttle, John Maclennan. The temperature of the Icelandic mantle from olivine-spinel aluminum exchange thermometry. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems (2016).


Oliver Shorttle, Yves Moussallam, Margaret Hartley, John Maclennan, Marie Edmonds, Bramley Murton. Fe-XANES analyses of Reykjanes Ridge basalts: Implications for the oceanic crust’s role in the solid Earth oxygen cycle. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 427 (2015): 272-285. [publisher]

Oliver Shorttle. Geochemical variability in MORB controlled by concurrent mixing and crystallisationEarth and Planetary Science Letters 424 (2015): 1-14. [publisher]


Oliver Shorttle, John Maclennan, and Sarah Lambart. Quantifying lithological variability in the mantle. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 395 (2014): 24-40. [publisher]


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Oliver Shorttle, J. Maclennan, and S. M. Jones. Control of the symmetry of plume‐ridge interaction by spreading ridge geometryGeochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 11, no. 7 (2010). [publisher]


Tripati, Aradhna K., Robert A. Eagle, Andrew Morton, Julian A. Dowdeswell, Katie L. Atkinson, Yannick Bahé, Caroline F. Dawber, Emma Khadun, Ruth M.H. Shaw, Oliver Shorttle, Lavaniya Thanabalasundaram. Evidence for glaciation in the Northern Hemisphere back to 44 Ma from ice-rafted debris in the Greenland Sea. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 265, no. 1 (2008): 112-122. [ publisher]

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